Does the climate have anything to do with population growth?



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    Our current climate is definitely being impacted by population growth. Many of the problems that are causing climate change would not be an issue if the population of humans on earth was not (and hadn’t already) growing to such large amount. Each person on earth needs to eat, drink and fulfill other basic human needs for survival. Burning fuels (fossil fuels or biological fuels) releases gases into the air that change the climate when they reach certain levels. If the world’s population hadn’t grown so big, we would not be burning enough fuel to cause the large scale changes we are in the earth’s climate. 

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    Population growth also have a heavy impact on plants and animals, as overpopulation leads to limited resources, land, and water for many species.  While species come and go on this plante quickly, many of them go extinct due to human involvement.  More people means more resources are being used, and when we take too much from the Earth, the planet can respond in dangerous ways.

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