Does chlorine remove the moisture from your skin?



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    Yes.It is thought that hair, skin and teeth absorb some of the chemical in its diluted form. The Pacific Center for Health claims that chlorine destroys proteins in our hair and skin that keep us moisturized, causing it to temporarily dry out. While the drying out effect is temporary it is thought that extensive exposure to chlorine can result in sickness and cancer.  

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    Pool chlorine is the same thing as bleach.  The chlorine sticks to your hair and skin.  It’s very hard to get off.  So, the chlorine sticks there, damaging your hair and skin.

    The answer to this problem is to eliminate the chlorine that sticks to your skin.  Using a vitamin C rinse like SwimSpray ( will completely eliminate the chlorine.  Your hair and skin will be better for it.100% Natural Vitamin C100% Natural Vitamin C

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