Does China use landfills?



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    Yes they do. Over the last few years though, landfill space is disappearing fast so the Chinese are turning to incinerators to get rid of their waste. These incinerators have proved to be a huge nuisance to various communities and are responsible for even more pollution. Technologies are slowly developing to make incinerators more “eco-friendly” but there is a long way to go and in the mean time, remaining landfill space in China is estimated to be overcapacity within the next five years.

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    They do use landfills. Chinese municipalities currently generate about 190 million tons of trash per year and, by 2030, this could increase to 480 million tons, nearly double the amount the United States is projected to produce over the same period(1). With over 5,000 “brownfield sites” from poorly managed landfills and the likely need for 1,400 additional landfills over the next 25 years, the issue of municipal solid waste represents a major land-use challenge in China, a country with only 7 percent of the world’s arable land and the largest population. Contamination of water and soil from poorly managed municipal landfills also poses growing health and ecological threats in China. The Chinese government has been advocating the creation of a “circular economy” in China to increase efficiency of resource utilization by a factor of 10 by the year 2020 to diminish the growing waste problem.

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