Does China try and blame their air pollution on manufacturing for other countries?



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    Though China manufactures many products for other countries, I don’t believe that they try to pass the buck like that.  They’re aware of their pollution caused by their coal plants and factories and are making some attempts to remedy the problems. 

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    If they did do a little bit of passing the buck I don’t think we could fault them for it.  The US has located (or relocated) many of its manufacturing facilities overseas, including China, to reduce cost.  We, and likely other wealthy countries, are partially responsible for the emissions in China.

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    The Chinese government may not have blamed their pollution problems on other nations, but they have lied extensively about their environmental problems. For instance, the Chinese Government Censored their World Bank Pollution Report.

    Under pressure from Beijing government ministries, the World Bank has cut by roughly one third a new report chronicling the widespread cost of pollution in China, according to the Financial Times. The 151-page report, based on an epidemiological model used by the World Health Organization (WHO), had concluded that some 750,000 people die prematurely each year in China due to extremely poor air and water quality. It also observed that the areas with the highest per capita exposure to dirty air and water were almost all in China’s northern provinces. In addition, the report had asserted that China’s rural poor were “at a substantially higher risk from surface water pollution than the non-poor.”

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