Does China offers incentives for electric or hybrid vehicles?



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    China is offering a $8,800 subsidy to taxi services and local governments for each electrical vehicle purchased. However, it is believed that price of electric vehicles (around $30,000 after the subsidy) will remain a barrier until mass production of the batteries or other cost reduction improvements help to reduce the financial impact.

    However, the Chinese urban lifestyle doesn’t set up many of the barriers to eclectic car ownership that the American lifestyle does. First, work commutes are relatively short and low speed due to heavy traffic and city planning. Additionally, 4/5 of Chinese car buyers are first time car owners, meaning that they are not accustomed to the higher speeds and longer range that gas powered vehicles provide. The Chinese government is hoping that the relative lack of barriers to electric car ownership will be one among many factors that will help them to become a world leader in electric car technology and use in the near future.

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