Does China have a bike sharing program?



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    Hangzhou, China is leading the way in the country’s bike sharing program.  The city recently beefed up their bike share supply, increasing their total amount to over 40,000.  Hangzhou has roughly the same size population as Paris, but now sports over twice as many bicycles in rotation.  The bicycles used for this sharing program are Hixi bicycles, a high end manufacturer specializing in custom orders. 

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    Shanghai also has a bicycle sharing program that was launched in September 2008. Initially there was no government involvement so the program did not progress at first. Local districts of Shanghai started cooperating on bike rental programs, and now bikes are available to rent 24 hours a day. Bike sharing is a great program in a city like Shanghai, where there is an excess of automobile traffic.

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    There are many bike-sharing systems in China and Asia. The best list of systems in operation can be found on the The Bike-sharing Blog’s The Bike-sharing World Map There you can find an alphabetical list of cities which have bike-sharing and a interactive map with information about each city’s program. If one is interested in bike-sharing, it is worth it to check out The Bike-sharing Blog.

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    The International Bicycle Fund maintains a list of bike sharing programs, including China.

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