Does China have any geothermal power plants?



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    Yes, it’s called the Yangbajain Geothermal Power Station in Tibet and it’s the largest of its kind in China, generating 2.4 billion kwh of electricity to date.  Located at Yangbajain Township, Damxung County, the 30-year-old station currently has a total installed capacity of 25,000 kw with the first 1,000-kw generating set becoming operational in 1977. Tibet ranks first in China in geothermal reserves with 700 geothermal spots.


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    China does have geothermal energy plants.  There are energy producing plants operating in the area outside of Tibet that produce approximately 100 GWh annually. Though this is a minuscule portion of China’s energy sector, China has indicated aspirations to expand their geothermal output. A bulletin released by China’ s Ministry of Land and Resources called for expansion of their geothermal output.  Their hope is to produce 10,779 MW of geothermal energy, which would rank them first in the world in geothermal production.  Though, no plans or programs have been implemented.

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