Does China control most of the lithium in the world?



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    China is #3 in production, after Chile and Australia, and #2 in reserves after Chile. Bolivia has a greater lithium resource than any nation (“reserves” are identified deposits that can be produced economically now. “resources” are known, probable, and speculative deposits that may or may not be economically producible in the future.)

    Chile and Argentina are the largest suppliers of US lithium imports, totalling about 77% of US imports. THe US is 43% dependent on imports; there is only 1 US lithium producer today, in Nevada.

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    China does not control most of the world’s lithium; the largest deposit is actually located in Bolivia, and Chile, Argentina, Australia, and other countries produce large amounts of lithium supplied on the global maket. However, China does supply some lithium to the United States, but the majority comes from South America. Still, in the current economic slump, there is plenty of lithium available to meet global demand.

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