Does China believe that the climate change is caused by humans?



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    China is the biggerst emittor of greenhouse gases and would definitely need to be a major player in an effort to curb climate change caused by humans.  China does believe action is needed to curb climate change and has vowed to increase energy efficiency.  It will also try to curb the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.  China however has been very vague in providing actual steps and figures to help slowdown human impact on climate change.

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    Just as in the United States, there are people in China who believe that climate change is anthropogenic (caused by humans), and there is a noisy minority who believes it is not. The official policy of the Chinese government is that climate change is real, is anthropogenic and needs to be addressed. The PRC did ratify the Kyoto Protocols–something the United States has not done–and the Chinese government has released a 62-page plan for dealing with its greenhouse gas emissions, something else the United States has not done. That said, there are hard-liners in the Communist government of China who believe that global warming is a hoax concocted by Western (translation: American) politicians as an excuse to get China to limit its explosive economic growth. Just as there are conservatives in the US who maintain, against the vast and unimpeachable array of science that global warming is real and is caused by humans, that global warming is a hoax ginned up to push carbon taxes and make Al Gore rich, there are global warming deniers in China who attack the concept for ideological reasons. Dealing with these people is difficult, as their grasp of the facts is tenuous and slippery, and countering a position that is justified on primarily ideological reasons is not an enterprise that has a tremendous chance of success.

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