Does chewing gum biodegrade?



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    No, chewing gum is not biodegradable. Once it’s made, it’s here to stay. Make sure that you throw away your used gum.

    A major problem with this fact is that when people leave chewing gum on the streets in cities, chemicals are used to try to get rid of it. Then these chemicals AND the gum just get washed into the water supply. Also, chewing gum is not digestible, for humans or any other species.

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    Not in the true sense of the word. Chewing gum is, at it’s base, made of plastics, waxes or rubbers. Elastomers, resins, plasticizers, adjuvants and antioxidants make up the ingredients along with flavoring and sugars. Parts of the gum will degrade, but the base of it will not. The moral of the story is to throw gum in the trash.

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    There is now a new brand of gum from London that is biodegradeble.  Most gums that are out there contain petrochemicals that do not allow it to biodegrade easily.  There is a large cleanup problem with chewed gum on many streets. 

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