Does the cheetah have the longest tail of any cat?



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    No. The big cat with the longest tail is actually the snow leopard, which has an average length of 80-100 cm and is able to wrap the whole thing around its entire body to protect it from freezing temperatures. It also helps with balance.

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    No it does not. While the cheetah does have a very long tail, that title goes to the snow leopard. The snow leopard’s tail can get to be 100 centimeters long. It is not dead weight either, as it uses it to wrap around its body and keep itself warm. 

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    The rare snow leopard has the longest tail of all the wild cat species. It can be up to one meter, or 40 inches in length, which equates to almost the entire length of the leopard’s body! The long, thick tail helps the cat balance in it’s rugged and hilly environment. The tail can also help keep the snow leopard warm, like a blanket, when temperatures drop to freezing temperatures.

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