Does the change need to start with our government if we are ever going to be sustainable?



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    Probably. People tend not to be motivated no matter how much preaching there is… without legislation and regulations it can be pretty difficult to force people into complying.

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    Change really needs to start everywhere from individuals, businesses, to the government. Individuals have the power to purchase products that they believe in, such as organic produce and products made from recycled materials. If individuals only purchased organic produce the market would dramatically increase and agricultural companies would have to switch to producing organic produce or not be able to sell their products. Businesses could take the intuitive to begin a sustainable reformation, where they ban together to demand that their energy sources come from renewable sources, aim to have zero waste, recycle all their waste, and offset any pollution they produce. Of course this would be costly at first, but with public support companies could achieve profitable sustainable practices. The government is representative of the people and has the power to enact legal legislation which could set limits on the amount of pollution, give subsides to renewable energy companies, and provide funding for companies trying to reduce their environmental impacts.

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