Does cat liter hurt the environment when it gets thrown away?



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    “The cat litter most commonly used is made from a natural clay also known as sodium bentonite, a swelling clay which is also used to seal ponds. It is “strip mined” from the earth, pressed into pellets and then dried, and the resulting pellets can absorb moisture up to several times their original weight.” Strip mining is very harmful to the environment to begin with, which means that the process of obtaining this type of cat liter is definitely not eco-friendly. Also, the “bentonite” of clay cat litter is crystalline silica (aluminium phyllosilicate) which is a carcinogen. Clay litters constantly throw up silica dust when your cat
    scratches in them; even when you change the litter in the box.

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    The dirty cat litter itself doesn’t harm the environment. It is fully degradable and can be composted. However, used litter contains bacteria and other infectious agents, such as Toxoplasma gondi, the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis. You must remember the risk of infection when you’re working in your garden –wear gloves and wash your hands after gardening.

    According to Wikipedia, “Cat feces can contain a parasite, toxoplasma gondii, which has been linked to the death of marine mammals, including: sea otters, whales and porpoises. The parasite can survive conventional sewage treatment and can make it to the sea where it can cause fatal infections in sea mammals.” SO, it shouldn’t be flushed, especially if you live near the ocean.

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