Does cast iron take a lot of energy to make?



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    Where it can be used, cast iron is frequently cheaper than steel. Quoting from the URL below:

    “Gray cast iron is by far the oldest and most common form of cast iron. As a result, it is assumed by many to be the only form of cast iron and the terms “cast iron” and “gray iron” are used interchangeably. Unfortunately the only commonly known property of gray iron – brittleness – is also assigned to “cast iron” and hence to all cast irons.”

    “The advantages of ductile cast iron which have led to its success are numerous, but they can be summarized easily – versatility and high performance at low cost.”

    “In addition to cost advantages offered by all castings, ductile cast iron, when compared to steel and malleable cast iron, also offers further cost savings.”

    Sounds to me like almost everything I learned from my Dad and Granddad about cast iron really only had to do with “Grey Cast Iron”!

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