Does the carbonation in soda bottles contribute to global warming?



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    En dosis bajas, la radiación UVB estimula la producción de melanina (un pigmento de la piel), haciendo que su piel sensible a oscurecerse, la creación de su bronceado. Sin embargo, en grandes dosis, los rayos UVB causan quemaduras de sol que se suma al riesgo de las formas cutáneas de cáncer.

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    The amount of CO2 that is released from carbonation is minuscule, and doesn’t really have a bearing on climate change. Now the industry behind making the soda might cause plenty of carbon dioxide to go into the air, so in a sense it does. Rest assured, you will not punch a hole in the ozone if you crack open a can of soda as a refreshment. It is vehicles and industry that you really should concern yourself with.

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    No. Carbon dioxide in soda is carbon that is already part of the carbon cycle.

    What contributes to global warming is the introduction of additional carbon into the carbon cycle. This happens from the use of fossil fuels (oil and coal) for power generation.

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