Does carbon in the atmosphere cause more clouds?



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    I don’t think there’s much direct effect of atmospheric carbon on cloud formation. However, the indirect effect may be that increased levels of carbon in the atmosphere leads to higher global temperatures which in turn would lead o fewer, not more, clouds, as clouds are formed from condensed water (either droplets or ice crystals) which forms in relatively cool temperatures.

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    It depends on the form of carbon you are talking about. In general, particulates in the air, such as dust or soot, are cloud nuclei. This means that if there are more particulates in the air, you are likely to have more cloud cover of clouds laden with particulate matter. Soot, or black carbon, is a form of carbon. In this sense more carbon in the air will produce more clouds. As the above poster stated, there isn’t much direct evidence of a causal link between carbon and cloud formation, but it is possible.

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