Does cannabis oil cure cancer.

In the early 70’s a cancer research center in Washington DC came acrossed a cure for cancer.It turned out to be the oil’s from marijuana cause the cancers to kill themselves.The oil doesn’t affect anything but the cancer.Marijana use is illegal and this is supose to be the main reason it is not being used.Just think if the people that sit outside the hospitals smoking pot waiting for their chemo treatments knew that all they had to do was injest this oil they would be cured.The only thing standing in their way is the Feds.



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    You are free to believe conspiracy theories; most people do not.

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      Hey Gibson – as a guy with Level 6 Karma you’ve contributed some great answers but lately you’re sounding a little grumpy. yesterday you told someone to go do their own homework, and today you poke a guy for his weed question. I think we should all give you a big group hug. You’re such a great contributor…or maybe some bran.

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    It’s not that simple — THC, one of the active ingredients in cannabis oil, has been shown to reduce tumor sizes in patients with lung cancer, but the subject hasn’t been extensively studied. “Curing” cancer is nigh-impossible — it could come back, it could not — and THC by itself hasn’t been shown to push cancer into remission.

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