Does Canada burn any of its trash?



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    Yes, there are some waste incineration facilities in Canada, although it is not as common of a method of waste disposal as in other countries. Canada appears to be more focused on diverting waste from landfills rather than burning the trash in them. But there is at least one waste-to-energy plant in Canada. It is called the Burnaby plant, is run by the Greater Vancouver Regional District, and was completed in 1988. The steam energy produced by this plant as a result of burning trash is used to power a paper recycling facility.

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    some provinces have wase  incenerators used for heating buildings

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    According to the Canadian trade association, 8 facilities exist today in Canada for solid waste combustion. To find out more about the energy-from-waste sector’s activities in Canada, check out the Canadian EFW Coalition’s website (below).

    At least one additional EFW facility is in its final planning stages, for the Regions of Durham and York, and a number of others have been proposed. On March 3, 2011, the two Regions filed for certification of the plant’s approval from the Ministry of the Environment, and the final permit is currently under review.

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