Does burning plastic create ozone holes?



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    Since plastic is a blanket term for synthetic organic amorphous solids used for a wide range of products and materials, it is not possible to say whether or not burining plastic is bad for the environment, depending on what constitutes the plastic in question.

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    Burning plastic can cause harm in several areas, not just the ozone. When burned, many types of plastic, including PVC, release dioxins, which are highly toxic chemicals for humans, plants, and animals. They can become carcinogenic and accumulate in our bodies for long periods of time. In fact, women can even pass these harmful chemicals on to their unborn children. 

    In terms of the ozone, burning plastic can reduce the amount of free oxygen that the ozone uses to protect us from the sun’s harmful rays. Some plastics that contain certain compounds or elements such as chlorine can cause direct damage to the ozone by forming new, harmful compounds that cannot be broken down.

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