Does building cities sustainable mean that they will produce less CO2?



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    Producing less CO2 is one of the characterisitics of a sustainable city. A sustainable city is designed with consideration of the environmental impact and is dedicated to the minimization of other resources as well such as required input of energy, water and food, waste ouput of heat, etc.

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    Yes, among other criteria producing less CO2 is one very important one. The cities that are sustainable are meeting demanding standards for air quality, human health, biodiversity, food, transportation, energy, hazardous material, recycling, risk management, education among other things. 

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    An important piece of the carbon equation to consider when thinking about “sustainable cities” is material use. The infrastructure that emits the least amount of CO2 in the process of its manufacture is recycled infrastructure. So communities and villages of the future will necessarily be based off of recycling materials humans have already mined and manufactured.

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