Does BPA have any of the same side effects as DDT?



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    BPA affects the body’s hormones and has been known to mimic the body’s own estrogen cycle which is disruptive to the body’s natural system.  It has also been linked to lower sperm counts in men.  For developing babies in utero, exposure to BPA has been shown to have carcinogenic effects and possible neurotoxicity.  Other studies have shown BPA as a precursor to breast cancer in females.  

    DDT is also thought to be a human carcinogen and was also shown to affect sperm quality and have an impact on birth weight (decreasing it) and increase premature births.  It is also thought to interrupt the endocrine system and has been connected to liver damage and diabetes in some studies. 

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    One study looked at the effects of BPA and DDT (among some other compounds) on a specific cell line of breast cancer. It was found that they do both affect the cancer, though in different ways. DDT was seen to actually increase cancer cell proliferation and to inhibit natural cell death, while BPA was found only to inhibit the natural death of the cancer cells.

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