Does B.P. really stand for Beyond Petroleum, or is it just their ad campaign?



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    “Beyond Petroleum” is just their slogan. BP stands for “British Petroleum.” It is the third largest global energy company, a multinational oil company (“oil major”) with headquarters in London.

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    No, it originally stands for “British Petroleum.” Before it was a brand, BP was a product range. In 1917 British cans of motor fuel that had previously been sold under the enigmatic label “Palm Tree Oil” were marketed as “BP”, short for British Petroleum. Then in 2000 BP, now a group of companies that included Amoco, ARCO and Castrol, unveiled a new global brand with a new mark, a sunburst of green, yellow and white symbolizing dynamic energy in all its forms. In a press release announcing the change, the group said it had decided to retain the BP name because of its recognition around the world and because it stood for the new company’s aspirations: “better people, better products, big picture, beyond petroleum.”

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