Does the box jellyfish have any natural predators?



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    Yes, the box jellyfish, while an excellent predator and powerful hunter, does have a few natural enemies.  The largest predator of box jellyfish are several species of sea turtles which eat box jellyfish and are apparently unaffected by its venom.  There are also a few species of crab as well as butterfish, rabbitfish, and batfish that do hunt and eat box jellyfish. 

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    The box jellyfish, although beautiful, is also a force to be reckoned with. However, even the most powerful of creatures have their enemies. Adding to what lonestargazer mentioned, the Arron crab is a more specific type of predatorial crab. This crab has the ability to eat the jellyfish whole. The box jellyfish uses its tentacles as a defense mechanism, but unfortunately they don’t always work.

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