Does blue stoning hurt the fish in a lake?

I think that is what it is called. When I was a kid they would put some chemicals into our lake to kill the algae during the summer it would turn parts of the lake bluish green.



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    If by blue stoning you mean treating the water with copper sulfate to get rid of algae, the answer is probably. Copper sulfate is very toxic to fish. Its toxicity to fish varies with the species and the physical and chemical characteristics of the water. Even at recommended rates of application, this material may be poisonous to trout and other fish, especially in soft or acid waters. Its toxicity to fish generally decreases as water hardness increases. Fish eggs are more resistant than young fish fry to the toxic effects of copper sulfate. Very small amounts of this material can have damaging effects on fish. Permits are being required in some situations for application of copper sulfate to water bodies. Further field studies have been required by the EPA. Direct application of copper sulfate to water may cause a significant decrease in populations of aquatic invertebrates, plants and fish.

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