Does bleach hurt plants?



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    Yes!  It’s an effective weed killer, but only because the people who use it effectively as a weed killer spray it ONLY on the plants they want to get rid of.  If they sprayed it on all their plants, all their plants would die.  Bleach does not discriminate!  It kills plants–all of them.  In addition, it raises the ph of the surrounding soil, which can make other plants harder to grow. 

    However, if you have cut flowers in a vase, a tiny, tiny splash of bleach in the water will preserve them, making them look better longer.  How this works, I am not sure–maybe it slows down the growth of bacteria that makes the flowers decay?–but it does work.  I used to work at a flower shop and we used about 2 or 3 drops of bleach in every vase. 

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