Does biofuel cost a lot more than regular fuel?



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    The use of biodiesel compared to other fuel alternatives is actually a very cost efficient move. It is also viewed as fleet manager’s least cost-strategy when it comes to complying with state and federal regulations. The use of Biodiesel fuel does not require any major engine modifications and thus allows companies and consumers alike to keep fueling their own vehicles in a more efficient manner. It is a very healthy long term goal.

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    It depends on the kind of biodiesel blend.  In 2007, average retail prices for B2/B5 blend biofuels were lower than regular diesel by an average of 12 cents, and B20 blends were about the same price as the latter.  However, in July 2009, the US Department of Energy reported an increase in the cost of B20 blends, at 15 cents per gallon higher than petroleum diesel.

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