Does biodegradable mean it will break down in a landfill?



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    Biodegradable means that living organisms, like the bacteria and mold living in the dirt and air, can cause it to decay. Biodegradable things will break down in landfills, or even simply buried in dirt.

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    No, not necessarily, though there is a better chance of it.  The gases that become trapped in a landfill will inhibit biodegradation.  The product will biodegrade under the right conditions, like in a compost heap.  However, biodegradable products are made from organic materials, not plastics, and therefore are more eco-friendly even if they eventually will not biodegrade in a landfill. 

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    Yes, but when it comes to decomposition of things that are biodegradable, it all pretty much depends on the amount of moisture and air that reach whatever it is that will (or will not) biodegrade. That’s why mummies and things inside locked tombs do not biodegrade at all (or at least the process is slowed down considerably). I’ve read that newspapers thrown in landfills sometimes do not actually biodegrade because they get buried and there is no way for oxygen to get to them to facilitate the decomposition process. So the answer is: Yes, but sometimes not. 

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