Does Bill Gates fund any green car companies?



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    Yes, actually. Last year Mr. Gates invested $23.5 million into EcoMotors International, a car company that is seeking to re-tool the internal combustion engine. According to the company, it’s prototype opoc® engine (“opposed piston, opposed cylinder”), weighs half as much as traditional combustion engines while using half as much fuel, and correspondingly lower greenhouse gas emissions. Mr. Gates believes the car has significant potential in the developing world, where green technology can often be prohibitively expensive.

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    Adding to the answer above Bill Gates, along with venture-capital firm Khosla Ventures, invested acombined  $23.5 million in the two-year old company EcoMotors International. Using two pistons per cylinder that move in opposite directions, the two-stroke OPOC, which can handle fuels ranging from conventional gasoline to diesel to ethanol, does not require a cylinder head or  valve train.

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