Does living in a big city make you more sustainable?



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    It depends on the personal choices you make while living in that big city. Here is how you can be sustainable in a city:
    -walk or take public transit instead of driving.
    -have a small home or apartment so you don’t have to heat so much space.
    -go to farmer’s markets to buy local/organic food.
    -make sure your apartment is efficient: double pained windows, good insulation.
    -attend rallies for environmental action.
    -check if your city mayor has made commitments to prevent climate change.

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    Your lifestyle choices determine how sustainable you are. If you live in a big city you could take advantage of the public transportation that is offered, which is a convenient way to get around in a big city. Look into what the public transportation system offers in terms of ticket deals, sometimes they offer 12 tickets for the price of 10 deals and other deals. Living in a larger city could give you more access to organic, recycled, and environmentally friendly products. A person in a large city could also consider looking for employment that is close enough to walk or ride a bike. Look into your city’s local citizen groups that work to promote and encourage the environment.

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