Does the belief in god harm the environment?



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    Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Paganism- you name it, and their sacred writings in one way or another speak to the holiness of nature and the how there is a reciprocity between our actions and our surroundings.
    Check out the links below, and the writings of Thomas Merton!

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    Some people believe that God is the environment – that all living organisms combined are, essentially, “God.” Some believe God is life itself – or love itself. God has no single definition. If God is love, then environmentalism is God. If God is life, then the Earth is an inalienable part of God. If God is all things, then every action is part of God.

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    I would say religion is only harmful to environment if people are led to participate in activities that, as a consequence, harm the environment.  Fundamentalism that leads to terrorist acts such as those that brought down the Twin Towers harms the environment.  Their actions are based on religious belefs (no matter how skewed those beliefs may be) – and as a consequence, they did not only kill many people, but the pollution emitted from the burning and the falling of the Towers was enormous.  Many people are still suffering because of the toxins they inhaled back on that day in 2001. 

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