Does baseball or football use more energy?



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    Baseball.  There are 4,860 games played in a regular MLB season, versus 512 for a regular season in the NFL.  I would bet that there is no way that one football game could use more energy than 9 baseball games, so I feel pretty safe in making this call. 

    If you want to look at the more far reaching energy costs, consider being a baseball or football fan without season tickets.  If you are watching 162 baseball games on your TV vs watching 16 football games to follow your favorite team, you will definitely use less energy being a football fan.

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    I think GreenBean has a great point in the grand picture.  If you were looking to individual games, it would depend on the field and all the bells/whistles that they use.  There’s a stadium in Texas that was built with giant HD screens….by principle, this stadium can use more energy in a single game than an ordinary baseball field with just the reader boards.

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    What type of energy are you referring to? Are you referring to the energy spent by the NFL or MLB? Or the energy spent by a baseball player versus that of a football player? Or the energy expelled at a baseball stadium versus a football stadium? Are you referring to pro sports or all sports? Are you referring to the energy spent manufacturing equipment and uniforms?

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