does baboon differentiate/detect bitter and sweet stuffs.



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    Yes!  All mammals have taste buds, though not all of them differentiate the same way humans do.  In the case of baboons though, there is much anecdotal evidence indicating that baboons have a taste for sweets, as well as studies that demonstrate that baboons are among the most sweet-sensitive primates in the world.  On multiple occasions baboons have not only raided vineyards and orchards, but have done so selectively, targeting the sweetest fruits.  In a study done in the late nineties, scientists tested baboons to see how low a concentration of sugar their tongues could detect in an aqueous solution.  The results showed that baboons not only preferred the sugar solutions to pure water, but that they could detect the prensence of sugar in very low concentrations.  This indicates that they can not only detect sweetness, but that they are unusually sensitive to it.

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