Does Australia touch the most oceans?



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    With the designation of the Southern Ocean in 2000, Australia is touched by 3 oceans. Logistically speaking, it is touched by more oceans than any other country. The borders of the oceans are somewhat up for a debate and the Southern Ocean is fairly new. It could be argued that at the southern tip of South America, Chile is touched by the Atlantic, Pacific, and possibly the Southern Ocean. Australia, however, is clearly touched by the Pacific, Indian, and Southern Oceans.

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    In terms of whether Australia touches more oceans than any other continent, then no. Since scientists and geographers started viewing Europe and Asia as one continent because they are one continuous landmass, Eurasia would be the continent that touches the most oceans; Eurasia touches the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific. In terms of touching more than any other countries, yes, Australia does.

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    Canada would tie australia, touching the atlantic, pacific, and arctic oceans.

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