Does Australia have a carbon trading plan?



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    Not yet, but they’re trying to come up with one. Climate change is a huge issue in Australia, sparking fierce debate on how best to achieve greenhouse gas emissions (and a very small but noisy minority of global warming deniers who maintain that climate change isn’t happening at all).┬áIn 2006 Australian Prime Minister John Howard established the Prime Ministerial Task Group on Emissions Trading to come up with a carbon trading scheme. The task force’s report came out in May 2007 and proposed a particular structure, but it’s been tough to get it implemented. Just last month (February 2010) the Australian Senate rejected the proposed emissions trading scheme–the second time it has done so–and postponed any further debate until May of this year. Part of the problem is a perceived “fracturing” of public consensus on climate change policy, which is unfortunately probably due in part to the efforts of denial groups to inject doubt into the public’s mind regarding climate change. Will Australia move foward? I guess we’ll know in May.

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