Does Aspen count as an eco-tourism destination since snow is natural?



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    Aspen, Colorado is indeed an eco-tourism destination. The ecotourism in this area serves to protect Aspen’s natural beauty and its historical culture. There are many eco-friendly options available to tourists, including lodging, dining, and activities specifically designed to be eco-friendly. 

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    I don’t think it qualifies because the snow is natural.  Many of the ski hills there will make snow, despite the fact that they get average snowfalls between 200 and 400 inches a year.  The snow making and grooming of ski trails use a lot of energy, not to mention the lights used for night skiing. What makes these a green destination is that many of the ski hills have begun purchasing carbon credits or renewable energy certificates.  Several of the resorts are also reducing the amount of laundry done by encouraging guests to not have their sheets changed for the duration of their stay.

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    Just because the snow is natural does not automatically mean it is an eco friendly ski resort – it is way more complicated than that.   There are resorts with natural snow that pollute with their lifts or transport and damage the mountains when making their pistes and conversely resorts that make artificial snow using renewable energy and protect the land underneath with a range of other measurea.   It’s important to look at the full picture – check out for a detailed look at all the issues.  Aspen has a number of great policies that they have introduced to protect the environment and think about their impact – though there is always more that can be done.

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