Does the Army Corps of Engineers do anything helpful for the environment?



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    Absolutely. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, known mostly for building dams, dredging waterways and other infrastructure support activities, administers a number of programs exclusively aimed at environmental stewardship. For example, the Corps is responsible for permitting and monitoring all activities that occur in U.S. protected wetlands, with ecosystem restoration and conservation a major part of its operational guidelines. As the Corps is responsible for the navigable waterways of the United States, it has broad enforcement authority for numerous environmental laws impacting waterways and wetlands. The Corps also works directly on-site at various projects including clean-up of old military bases which are usually contaminated with hazardous materials and expended munitions, and Superfund sites qualifying for clean-up aid under U.S. federal law. Like any other ageny or private firm, the Corps of Engineers must draft and issue environmental impact statements when doing work in sensitive areas.

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