Does apple make more money from the iPod or their computers?



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    Most of Apple’s revenue comes from their iPad 2’s and their iPhones, but iPod and computers make up a good chunk of revenue as well. Among their products, only the iPod has seen declining sales, which Apple attributes to growing use of smarthphones as music players. During the first half of this year Apple sold 7.54 million iPods and 3.95 million Macs. That’s twice as many iPods and Macs, but I’m sure that Apple makes more from each Mac computer sold than iPod so I would say the computers generate more revenue for them, especially since iPod sales are declining.

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    The computers, just barely — 5.5% of total revenue for desktops vs. 4.6% for iPods. Here’s a nifty graph showing how their revenue breakdown has changed over time:

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