Does anything happen to the whale when a trainer gets killed?



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    I’m guessing you’re talking about the recent trainer death. According to CNN, that same whale has been implicated in two trainer deaths before. Clearly, not only was it not killed, but the whale continued to be used for shows with other trainers. Even more oddly, a representative of Seaworld said that they need to work on the relationship with the killer whale more and love it more. So, the whale actually ends up a winner.

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    I wouldn’t say the whale is a winner. It didn’t purposefully kill the trainer. It was accidently–the whale doesn’t know that humans can’t survive underwater, it doesn’t know that it can’t defend itself. 


    But yes, in this case it has been announced the whale will stay at SeaWorld. It has been involved in another killing many years ago, and obviously it remained there as well. Whales are wild animals, so we must take the time to step back from their beauty and recognize they are wild animals and can revert to their instinctual nature at any time, and that can be dangerous for any humans around.

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    It would appear that this whale has killed before.  According to the news shows, the show will still go on in Sea World (Just with no trainers in the water).  So clearly Sea World doesn’t think anything should happen.  However there are many protesters right now who say the whale should be set free. 

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