Does anyone thing that boycotting billboard advertisers will send a message to advertisers

A single billboard uses the same amount of electricity of 30 homes.



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    It’s doubtful that such a boycott could be successfully organized.  For a boycott against companies that use billboard advertising to be impactful, it would have to be nationwide and would require an efficient method of determining how many billboards Company X has up so as to make sure that people aren’t avoiding the wrong products (and you’d have to make those calculations for several different companies).  It would also require educating people about the purpose of the boycott – why billboard ads aren’t eco friendly, etc.  Keep in mind that many of these large companies provide a very wide variety of goods and services that millions of people rely on every day; it won’t be easy to convince them to switch to a more expensive or worse-quality brand because the company they support doesn’t use green advertising.  Moreover, it’s difficult to boycott even one large company simply because they produce so many different brands and goods, many of which you might have no idea comes from the larger company you’re trying to boycott.

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