Does anyone know if there are any new methods that are being tested right now?



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    “The Long Beach Seawater Desalination Research and Development Facility will be the nation’s largest, using dual-stage nanofiltration technology up to 30% more energy efficient than conventional methods”, reports Water and Waste Digest. Unlike the traditional process of reverse osmosis – forcing water at 1000 psi through a semi-permeable membrane, the newly developed prototype will deploy two filtration stages, yielding the same result while being up to 30% more energy efficient. By applying the Long Beach Method, sea water is passed through a preliminary filter first, removing any suspended material. It is then processed by the nanofiltration membrane at 525 psi, allowing only the smallest salt particles through (about 12% of initial salt). Water is then pumped through the second nanofiltration membrane at 250 psi, producing the final product of what tested to be“high-quality potable water that meets or exceeds all state and federal standards for safe drinking water”.

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