Does anyone know the current status of this bill? Is ‘tire burning’ still being considered a “green” energy source?

Cynical political moves like these make me think our system might be broken beyond repair. I really hope this doesn’t pass!



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    It doesn’t seem like this “head-scratcher” of an Illinois statehouse proposal, in which it was attempted to define tire burning, which releases toxic air pollution, as renewable energy, is going to get very far.  There was immediate outcry from environmental groups against this extremely difficult to justify case of linguistic trickery.  Although it did clear a house committee last week, the bill’s pusher, David Miller, has since taken his name off of it in a gesture that can point to nothing other than shame. 

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      That is good to hear. I hope you’re right! This might sound bad but I’d expect these types of shenanigans in some southern or appalachian states, but not in Illinois.

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