Does anyone have a green bucket list?



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    I couldn’t find one but you should make one! I think I might too….I’ll probably include things like vowing to bike and walk more than drive, bring my own bags to the grocery store, choose products based on their environmental impact etc. 

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      I think my bucket list would be to make sure I reduce my impact on the planet continually every year of my life. With regard to specifics, I think getting involved in grassroots political action is what I really want to do.

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    I want to visit a rianforest and personally see the impacts of deforestation, bike to and from work at least 1 day a weeek, read at least one article about important environmental issues every day, and research green charities and find one that I would like to donate to.

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    Hmm, never really thought of it as a Green Bucket List, but I would like to design my own home to become LEED certified (I just became LEED accredited and finished architecture school so there’s really no excuse this shouldn’t happen). My ultimate goal is to design sustainable schools.

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    Though I do not have a green bucket list, I make an effort to make at least one change in my life each month to be more environmentally friendly.  This may mean volunteering to clean up an area, or simply switching out the lightbulbs in my apartment. 

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    I don’t have a specific green bucket list, but since I love to travel, I want to take some eco friendly vacations. I’d like to do green activities and stay at eco friendly hotels in places like Hawaii and in South America. 

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