Does anyone have a good resource for how to cook with winter produce?



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    This site has some great resources on how to cook with winter produce. There are tons of different ideas using fruits such as Citrus-types and veggies such as kale. These produce items are less expensive and tastier during the winter season.

    A favorite site of mine, the Chicago Green City Market has some awesome recpies from local restaurants, separated by seasons! Hope this helps.

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      I was about to post that first link as well. In my opinion, baked winter squashes with some butter and salt are particularly delicious.

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    I stumbled upon a website,, which offers information as to what foods are in season and recipes for how to prepare them. Flavorful squashes, sweet potatoes, and cranberries are in season in the winter, so you’re bound to find something delicious. The site also offers information about the other seasons, so you can eat in season every season.

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    I like to read food blogs to find seasonal recipes. My favorite is Cheap, Healthy, Good. The blog has several different writers, focusing on cheap, healthy, and tasty food (obviously). The blog also features a green and vegan writer.

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