Does anyone else think Nascar should be banned?



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    I do, for one. Nascar races use massive amounts of fuel and the cars have a high chance of getting wrecked, posing safety risks and also requiring new cars to be produced, which causes even more carbon emissions. You can find more about this at, which is also in support of a ban. Unfortunately for the environment (but fortunate for racing fans) Nascar is unlikely to be banned anytime soon, as there is very little political clout in the movement to ban it.

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    Nascar is a blatant overuse of fuel, not to mention the emissions from the cars themselves. Racing also poses a huge risk to drivers who have died in wrecks during races.

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    Banning Nascar would be not be as good of an idea as it may seem. Yes, racing might be seen as a waste of fuel by some, but Nascar does do a lot of good. Nascar has begun a new tree planting program; they will plant 10 trees for every green flag that drops during the Cup Series, which “will mitigate 100 percent of the carbon emissions produced by the race cars competing in their Cup Series events.” Nascar is very environmentally active; they recycle all the tires, batteries, oils, car fluids, and all offices are committed to 100% recycling; Even the new headquarters of Nascar even qualifies as a green building with an LEED certification.

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    What a great question. I honestly think NASCAR is extremely boring, but the amount of energy the sport consumes along with the amount of waste that is produced by races is enormous. As long as NASCAR takes a stand and starts to become a sustainable event I think it should stay. It has a large fan base and produces large revenues. But if NASCAR doesn’t find its way to being a green sport, then I think it should disappear, just like any other sport that doesn’t become green.

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