Does anyone else think that eco friendly buildings are usually more beautiful than non eco friendly ones?



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    I find a lot of eco friendly buildings to look much more modern and “refreshing” than traditional architecture. Some eco friendly buildings are considered a form of art, and I really respect the amount of time and creativity that went into making a building both beautiful and beneficial to the environment. 

    One of my favorites is located in China, where the Beijing National Stadium helps the environment by using solar power and collecting rainwater. From the picture below, you can already see just how beautiful the stadium is.

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    Yes! This is one of my favorites- the Quai Branly Museum in France is one of the first vegetative buildings, instead of having plants just on the roof, they are on the sides of the building. There are over 15,000 plants covering the walls, including 150 different species. The Quai Branly building also utilitizes solar panels and geothermal energy. 

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