Does any type of fish have a leaf life appearance?



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    The leafy seadragon has excellent camouflage among kelp and sea grasses. The leafy seadragon is related to sea horses and pipefish, and like sea horses, the male carries the young until they are ready to hatch. Seadragons carry young on their tails verses a pouch, however. Seadragons live off the coast of Australia and are rare to sight.

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    There are several fish which have leaf-like appearances. These fish include the South American Leaf Fish, Nandus, and Schomburgk’s Leaf Fish. The South American Leaf Fish can be found in parts of South American. The Nandus can be found in parts of Southeast Asia and the Schomburgk’s Leaf Fish inhabit slow moving waters with dense vegetation in parts of South America. 

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    Yes, there are fishes our there that resemble leaves. First, there is the scorpion fish. They are predatory, marine animals who are often found around the coral reefs. They are common in the Indian and South Pacific oceans. There are over 200 known species of scorpion fishes and they are closely related to lionfish.

    Queen Angelfish


    Then there is the Tasseled Anglerfish. There are over 200 species of Tasseled Anglerfish.The third creature is the Leafy Sea Dragon. These creatures have evolved to resemble  the seaweed and kelp that is found in the Australian coastal waters. They prey on sea lice and tiny custaceans. They are related to sea horses.

    Photo: A leafy sea dragon
    Leafy Sea dragon
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