Does any agriculture in America have any radiation from Japan?



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    The USDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has been on high alert and has made sure that no food or beverage has been exported from any of the affected areas in Japan since the recent nuclear disaster.  That being said, the USDA’s monitoring is on very high alert and they have made sure to increase all testing of food, drinking and rainwater. 

    So far there has not been any radiation levels worth mentioning.  There were trace amounts of iodine-131 found in water in places like Boise, Idaho and Richland, Washington but authorities were adamant in saying that the amount was so small, a baby “would have to drink almost 7,000 liters” of water to even begin to be affected by that amount.  In addition, experts are making it clear that the U.S. imports very little from Japan, only around 4% of all the food that the U.S. imports from other countries. 

    Authorities continue to monitor and review water and food samples for radiation. 

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