Does anthropomorphizing animals help or hurt them?



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    Both portland1983 and mfurlong have made very good points.  I am an illustrator, and it is inherent that animals will become anthropomorphized at some point.  I agree that by doing this, we can relate to the animals on a level in which we are more capable of understanding.  We cannot communicate verbally, but if we understand that animals can feel pain just like us, or even perhaps happiness, maybe we will care more about them.

    Of course, that is only describing a small amount of people.  Some people will continue to treat animals the way they do without a care.  As portland1983 said about people getting too close to a wild animal, I would say that is their own fault and not, per say, a cartoon’s fault.  Humans should know better to respect wildlife and each animals space and know they some animals can be dangerous.  At the same time, though, we should understand that they have feelings just like us, we just can’t understand their language.

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