Does the amount of water you give a pepper change how spicy it is when it is done growing?



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    The spiciness of a pepper is demonstrated to be inversely proportional to the amount of water it receives, among a few other factors.  Peppers growing in hotter climates of temperatures in the 90’s are spicier than peppers grown in cooler temperatures.  Chile peppers grown in a drought tend to be hotter than chile peppers that receive a lot of water.  Also, riper chile pepperss tend to be hotter than less ripened chile peppers.

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    First, you must choice a type of pepper that can be spicy or hot. Some peppers, like bell peppers or sweet banana peppers, do not get hot. Others, like chili peppers, hot wax peppers, jalepanos, etc. can get spicy. The more ripe the pepper is when you pick it, the hotter it will be.

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