Does America still use the train system to transport goods?



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    Yes! I actually live near a train station and there is long railroad that goes through our town, so it’s no surprise for traffic to be held out by trains. Through my marketing class I know that trains are still very much in use as it is the cheapest form of transportation for moving goods. Generally, trains are used to transport low-cost, non-perishable goods such as coal. Airplanes, on the other hand, are used to transport high cost and/or non-perishable goods (like high couture clothing).

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    America makes heavy use of freight trains, in fact, railroads would rather not carry passengers at all, because they are a lower return on investment — or often an economic loss.

    America’s railroads are working close to capacity, but are about to be hit by an enormous change, as the newly expanded Panama canal will allow huge Panamax ships to pass. Among the many issues is that so much traffic will be shipped it will overwhelm parts of America’s rail system!


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